08 July 2010

Great Day

Today was a t-riffic day! I got to spend lunch with two friends I don't see that much. We ate Sushi at one of the best places in town Tokyo. Go there and support your local business! 

Then, I had a routine check up at the dentist. It came out good! I just need to floss! 

GOAL #1: Floss continuously for 30 days!

The lady who cleans my teeth told me to start every other day. But, I don't think I will floss then. So, I'm publicly declaring that I will floss... I hope.

 Image Real Simple
To top the day off, I got a mani/pedi with my mom and Paul's BBQ! Yummy Brisket. 
I need to remember to take pictures!!!
This weekend is going to be busy! Work, volunteering at The Table, wedding rehearsal, wedding rehearsal dinner, singing at a Saltdogs Game, singing at wedding, singing solo at church... 

I will need plenty of rest Sunday... Stay tuned!

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