28 July 2010

First Blog Giveaway

Hello readers!

I am doing my first blog giveaway! Thanks to Mallory, a personal friend, from Lennon's Lovelies
I will be giving away these adorable earrings!
Sorry the pic is so small! They are cream puffs! She is so talented!

I also got to pick out a pair for myself!
Cakes! Again... Sorry these two images are so small! I can't wait to wear my pair!

She is so creative, not only does she make super cute and adorable jewelry, but her crocheted items are so cute! There are even a few items for the little ones!
See for yourself!

Cute newborn booties!

Look at this very cute child's hat!

And one more adorable pair of earrings!

And these... I love them all!

She is currently trying to clean out her inventory and is having an awesome moving sale, so many cute items already have new homes!

If you would like to win these adorable earrings there's a couple things you have to do...
leave a comment for each entry...
1) follow my blog
2) follow me on twitter
3) visit Lennon's Lovelies and make a comment about a product you particularly like
4) tweet about the giveaway
5) blog about the giveaway

That's five entries right there.

This is my first giveaway and I'm super excited! I have a few ideas up my sleeve that I will introduce next week!

I will pick a winner August 8. You have a few weeks! Spread the word!


  1. Anonymous28 July, 2010

    following! <3

  2. i really love the waterfall earrings


  3. I follow your blog!


  4. Her shop is currently closed but I love the sweetness earrings.