17 July 2013

Goals: Revisited

I wrote two posts about my goals back in April. You can check them out here and here. They were suppose to be completed in six months. We are just a bit over the halfway goal. Let's see if I've succeeded in any of these goals. I have labeled my goals mountains, because it will take some work to get past them! I've also given them a mid-grade to see where I currently am.

Mountain #1 - My Current Weight

This needed to drop significantly in order to be at a healthy BMI. I did a great job at the beginning of May and June, but have failed towards the end of June. I was able to at least regulate my weight, but since last week it has gone up due to "enjoying" my family vacation.

Mid-grade: D

Comments: No more excuses. "Hard work, dedication." - Dulvett from Biggest Loser

Mountain #2 - My Blog

My goal was to blog consistently. It's slowly climbing up. But, I think it will start to pick up as I actually work on a project I will be sharing soon on the blog!

Mid-grade: C-

Comments: I've planned a whole month of posts. This is a great kick-starter, even if I don't end up blogging that topic, I'm working at being consistent and rolling with the punches.

Mountain #3 - Stuff (yes, I labeled this stuff)

My goal was to go through all of the items I own and get rid of what I don't need. This was before I knew we were moving. I had a great head start! Well, I've almost completed this goal! I only have my sock drawer (it's a jungle in there), and my jewelry (I need to find stuff that I'll actually wear).

Mid-grade: A-

Comments: Those can easily be done in the next week. Looks like I'll need to turn on some hulu or amazon prime and get to work.

Mountain #4 - Sewing

My goal was to make 3 garments but I haven't even looked at my patterns, except to weed out a ton I didn't want. (You're welcome Goodwill). I mean I have great intentions and am even planning a "work outfit" inspiration page in my journal, so I can find some nice pieces for work and to make some as well. Unless I bring my sewing machine on the plane, This may be postponed for fall goals!

Mid-grade: F

Comments: N/A

Mountain #5 - Guitar

Wow, in the goal post, I hadn't even purchased a guitar. I miraculously received money in the spring and made a big purchase. I have my own black Ibanez that I love. When I first received it, I played every day, and it's slowly died off more and more. My goal was to be able to play in front of an audience, but not sure it will pan out. This puppy will be coming with me on the plane!

Mid-grade: C

Comments: Just need to spend more time on it. Also, need new chords to learn. I'm getting bored of the "beginner chords."

Have you set goals for the summer? How are you doing? Have you accomplished anything? Having difficulties? Have a post about goals? Please post in comments!!

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