17 July 2013

New Series: {thankful Thursday }

Lately life has been a whirlwind of one on ones with friends. Spending time before I leave the "good life", also known as Nebraska (that's the state motto, for all you out of staters). 

I've been wanting to start this for awhile! Tada!

Today, I'm thankful for all the people I've met who have touched my life or impacted me, here in Nebraska. I've had my most formative years here, my life is here.  About to pack it all up and head west to the desert. Wow, almost 9 years in one place, that's unheard of for my family.

Today, I'm thankful for the opportunities I've had here. I had the opportunity to go on a missions trip upon graduating high school, I had many opportunities on the campus of my alma mater, I've worked the majority of the jobs on my résumé, and I've had the opportunity to pour myself and be poured into by my church.

Today, I'm thankful for my church. So many words can be said! I have a wonderful church family who will be almost impossible to leave. They have have been so supportive of me and my family!

Today I'm thankful!
What are you thankful for? Want a write a guest post about it? Love to hear from you!!

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  1. I am thankful for new twitter friends like yourself. I am also thankful to have spent time with family this weekend that I don't see very often.