31 July 2013


Across the street from my development - - in Arizona!!

Reading: Emails, so many emails. I'm tasking them today.

Watching: I'm all caught up on my shows, so I've been watching House. It's really good. I'm on season 1. I'm also catching up on my webinars. I sign up for them and then forget or am busy. But, at least they send me the links to watch them later.

Listening: Cranking up the ole podcast list. First up: Relevant Podcast, Elevation Church, and Boundless. I'll be tuning into NPR in the mornings while I read emails.

Wishing: Time will go slow while I enjoy a few weeks off of work.

Thinking: That I'm already in Arizona (more to come on that)

Praying: Continually for my friend Megan and for Cambodia.

Browsing: The Daily Muse website - This is the second week in a row. There is so much on this website. I will be a pro at work in no time.

Sipping: peach/mango coconut flavored water - I just can't get into it

Loving: Candy Crush Saga (I finally caved) and DuoLingo - Learning some new languages.

What are you CURRENTLY doing?

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  1. Dude, I tried coconut water with seriously high hopes and found it to be REVOLTING! Like, stomach-turningly bad bad bad! Have you watched the New Girl? Merlin? Fringe? Alias? How I Met Your Mother? These are all my suggestions :) Good luck with your productivity!