15 July 2013

Bucket List - Part 1

Everyone needs a bucket list! I don't have one compiled all in one place. So, here's my interpretation of a "bucket list."

There's no special order, just things I want to do before I die.

  1. Buy a car
  2. Travel to Europe
  3. Snorkel
  4. Hang glide
  5. Learn how to ride a motorcycle
  6. Road trip across the US
  7. Get married
  8. Buy a house
  9. Learn how to surf
  10. Go to Hawaii
  11. Travel to Australia
  12. Travel to New Zealand
  13. Travel to Thailand
  14. Travel to Rwanda
  15. Travel to India
  16. Get to my goal weight
  17. Write a book(s)
  18. Cut a cd(s)
  19. Have a successful blog
  20. Work at home
  21. Have kids
  22. Adopt kids
  23. Go to grad school
  24. Learn how to bake the perfect bread
  25. Learn how to make pancakes correctly
  26. Find the perfect pair of jeans
  27. Workout consistently
  28. Write in a journal consistently
  29. Sew a whole wardrobe
  30. Read the entire yearly
  31. Be part of a church plant
  32. Live overseas
  33. Go to a World Cup
  34. Be able to play the guitar in public
  35. Lead corporate worship
  36. Write for a magazine
  37. Start a magazine
  38. Speak at a conference(s)
  39. Visit Seattle
  40. Visit Portland
  41. Visit Boston
  42. Move blog from Blogger to Wordpress or Typepad
  43. Host an underground dinner party
  44. Visit Jerusalem
  45. Spend a birthday at Disney Land
  46. Visit all the Disney Lands/World
  47. Grow out my hair
  48. Spelunking
  49. Sky dive
  50. Scuba dive

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