25 July 2013

No one likes flakers... And other stories

Well, I'm halfway through the week and there still so much I need to do. As a list person, I'm kinda sad I haven't written a list of all I need to do.

On that "list" is hanging out. I debated writing this post, because I too am guilty of being flakey, but that's a different song then the one I'm about to sing!

The song of the day: if you don't want to hang out or can't, let me know. The song is a sad one and is on repeat. But, more importantly, I should have stopped playing it a long time ago.

Lessons learned: 
forgiveness: is a messy and mandatory process in spiritual development.

letting go: is hard to do, but when you've done all you can, let go and let God. (I should have let Him there in the first place.)

Other stories include:
I'm moving on Sunday and my suitcase is still in the closet.

I almost overbooked myself to see people this week, but it should all be worked out!

Did I mention I'm moving on Sunday?? 

Went on a photo sesh with a friend last saturday. Couldn't help taking selfies in beautiful Nebraska!!

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