01 July 2013

Summer TV

I don't watch a lot of television. Because we don't have cable. But I do enjoy Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. I no longer subscribe to Netflix because I don't use it enough to warrant a monthly fee. I just watch it in the living room...

I just want to talk about my 3 summer shows, 1 old, 2 new.

1) Food Network Star - I love this show. I've watched the show here and there. But I'm all caught up on this season. Episode 5, be on Hulu already!

2) Graceland - 1st episode in, I was hooked! So good!

3) Suits - I need to hurry up and catch up! Just started this. My sister and I are loving it! Season 3 starts in the middle of July! 

I hope you had a wonderful day!
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What are you watching this summer??

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