30 June 2013


Currently I'm...

Reading: Though Mountains Fall by Dale Cramer. Had to take it back to the library today. I may just have to buy it on Kindle. I was so close to finishing it!

Watching: Lost in Austen and Dr. Who Season 7 Part 1. Hulu and Amazon Prime rock!

Listening: Needtobreathe I NEED more music from them! They rock my socks off!

Wishing: Vacation was here. Just a few more days.

Thinking: How packing and keeping the house spic and span will be a challenge.

Praying: For my friend Megan and for Cambodia.

Browsing: I've found many new blogs, but what's caught my eye are some good money blogs! And of course the Honda website! Need me a Honda! lol

Sipping: Diet Dr. Pepper and Lattes. Both of that needs to stop!

Eating: Junk... gah I need to get back on the health band wagon before I get back on the-my-clothes don't-fit-because-I eat-junk bandwagon.

What are you CURRENTLY doing?

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