09 September 2011

Whoops/30 Lists Update

I was doing so well at making sure I blogged something everyday, but I missed the ball on that yesterday. I had to put in time elsewhere. But, my blog notebook is filled with scheduled posts. So, with that said I wanted to apologize for not keeping up with #30Lists. I will be working on that this afternoon. But, I would like to say that our first list was our goals for this month and I've already achieved 2 out of the 9!
Here is the list again!
1. Finish "The Help" - I'm halfway through this great novel, I'm hoping to be done by next week! (I'm done!!! There will be a review of the book at the end of the month.)
2. Try new design on nails - I just bought some new nail polishes and I found some great tutorials. There is no reason why I can't try something new!
I finally tried this tutorial from cutepolish.
Here's the finished project!
It needs some work, but they're suppose to be celestial. It called for yellow nail polish which I don't have, but for a first try I think I did alright!

3. Start sewing - I have a pattern and everything to go with it to make a skirt.
4. Write overseas friends - I have two friends overseas who would love to receive a letter from me.
5. Organize email/desktop - This is long overdue, enough said
6. Re-learn knitting - There are some projects I want to work on, but my skills aren't up to par.
7. Keep up with blog - I have a notebook that I chart my posts. I have so many great ideas!
8. Drink more h20 - It's hard...
9. Finish 30 Days of Lists - I'm notorious for starting something without finishing...

How are your month goals going?? I really need to drink more water! Carrying around a water bottle or a cup with a straw will help me! What helps you??


  1. "The Help" . . . I was 100 pages into the book when I saw the movie (about 2 weeks ago) . . . finished the book this past Tuesday.

    I, too, need to drink more water. I like my water ICE COLD and usually sip a glass while I'm doing something else.

  2. Arlene: Which did you like better, the book or the movie?? And I am now sipping cold water with lime! It's great!