01 September 2011

30 Days of Lists - Day 1

30 Days of Lists - September 2011 is finally here!!

You've probably heard me talk about this! But, I'm ready to start and finish a project. Maybe this will be my first real one finished (minus my felt projects). 

Here is day 1: 

I love the three colors I combined for today. 
I think these goals are very attainable and a little open ended!

1. Finish "The Help" - I'm halfway through this great novel, I'm hoping to be done by next week!
2. Try new design on nails - I just bought some new nail polishes and I found some great tutorials. There is no reason why I can't try something new!
3. Start sewing - I have a pattern and everything to go with it to make a skirt. 
4. Write overseas friends - I have two friends overseas who would love to receive a letter from me.
5. Organize email/desktop - This is long overdue, enough said
6. Re-learn knitting - There are some projects I want to work on, but my skills aren't up to par.
7. Keep up with blog - I have a notebook that I chart my posts. I have so many great ideas!
8. Drink more h20 - It's hard...
9. Finish 30 Days of Lists - I'm notorious for starting something without finishing...
Anyone want to be my accountability partner?!

Ok, are you intruiged and want to see the rest? Come join 30 Days of Lists - CLICK HERE for more information... Did I say it only costs $6 and there are a ton of freebies???


  1. i will be you accountability partner if you be mind?

    great start to 30 lists, cannot wait to see more

  2. I like your colors too and what did you write them on, hard to tell?? Looks cool though. I should have added sewing to my list too, thanks for the reminder.

    Hope you keep up with this list, it really is fun and worth it at the end. I can be a partner too if you need more then one??!! Good luck with your goals and have fun with it.

  3. cute blog just wanted to stop by and say Hey


  4. I never read the help, but I've already seen the movie 3x.. loved it.. so so moving! i'm participating too, http://alifeunrehearsed2.blogspot.com/search/label/30%20days%20of%20lists

  5. Hi Ren! I love your list! Mine is pretty similar. I'm hoping to finish a book. I actually started sewing this year and want to do more. I also knit and crochet! September is going to be fun!