05 September 2011

Happy Labor Day / Fall Goals

I hope no one has to work like I do on Labor Day! 
At least it's a pretty short shift! I'm only hosting, so I should be able to read "The Help" (I'm almost done!)

I also wanted to share with you my fall goals! I haven't been very good at sharing nor finishing my goals, but I'm going to be more intentional in achieving my goals and also sharing them with you guys. 
 1: Be more intentional sharing and achieving my goals. I love writing lists and goals, but I don't have the best track record for keeping up with them!
2: Work on biking more / Get bike fixed. I have a bike I got last year for my birthday and it's just not in the best condition. I need a new tire. I would like to start riding my bike to work (it's less then 5 miles from mi casa)
3: Organizing my craft and sewing items. It's kind of a mess because I have them scattered in containers and there are some things that are divided that should be together. This will be a fun one!
4: Make Christmas Cards via online or handmade I either want to make them or go through moo.com and make cards to send!
5: Get past the basic Knit Stitch. I can knit till the cows come home, but that's it, just knit. I want to pearl and some other fun stitches. Making somethings would be great! 
6: Learn and successfully make a granny square (crochet). I am not that great at crochet, so if I intentionally make a goal of accomplishing a granny square my skills will improve.
7: Work on projects from "All in the Details" Class I have a lot of materials I just haven't made anything. I need to get to work on my embroidery skills.
8: Save $500. Self-explanatory. 
9: Read more than 3 books! ditto...
10: Lose 10 lbs  I was doing so well, but I feel I've been pigging out and eating all the wrong things for my body and drinking way too much pop!
11: NO FAST FOOD!!! This goes with what I said in ten!

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  1. sounds like great goals!!! I am almost done with The Help too