06 September 2011

My Pile of Books

There are so many books I want to read. I have a bookshelf dedicated to books I want to read. But here are some that stand out from the pack.

These are in no particular order:
1. Charles Dickens - David Copperfield
2. The Portable Sixties Reader
3. J.D. Salinger - The Catcher in the Rye

4. Stephen King - Insomnia
5. Sylvia Plath - The Bell Jar
6. Jean Kwok - Girl in Translation
7. Harper Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird

8. Beautiful Jim Key
9. George R.R. Martin - Game of Thrones
10. Suze Orman - The Money Book for Young, Fabulous, and Broke
11. Khaled Hosseini - The Kite Runner
12.Kate Chopin - The Awakening and other Stories

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