18 September 2011

My Weekend

1. I finally made some money at my waitress job! Also, a pretty nice paycheck for that job as well!
2. I saw Contagion! It was a great movie! I really enjoyed it! Check out the trailer here!
3. Sunday morning service was awesome church. The sermon was about Principles of Multiplication - Based on Luke 9:12 -17 (Jesus Feeding of the "5000")
What's awesome about this story was that it was way more than 5000 fed. The 5000 number was each man, but there were also wives and children, who weren't counted.
If you don't know the story, look it up. What I took away from this sermon was:
What if God asks you to give it all?
If you are obedient, God will give you what you want!

This was a great weekend!
What did you do?

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