07 September 2011

Movies: I need to watch/finish

I have a collection of movies that I've either started but not finished or not watched yet. A lot of them are movies I found on super sale (target or a movie store closing, or an amazon deal). I love movies: let me clarify, I LOVE MOVIES)

Here are the movies -
1. Away We Go - I've started this movie, but I don't ever remember finishing it. What I've seen is cute. I love those to actors!! (Blockbuster closing)
2. Deliver Us From Eva - Got it via amazon because it was $4-$5.
3. Fantastic Mr. Fox - I've heard rave reviews and it was on super sale at Target.
4. I'm Not There -  I bought this movie ages ago because I love the actors in this movie and I like Bob Dylan, but I just have never gotten around to watching the whole thing. (Target)
5. Ocean's Twelve - I've seen the first one, just haven't gotten around to watching the second one. (Blockbuster)
6. Rachel Getting Married - I started this one awhile back and haven't finished it. It's long but very good. (Local Rental Store)
7. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - I've seen the first two movies (which are riveting) but haven't watched this one yet. (Blockbuster)
8. Wendy and Lucy - I rented this via itunes and wasn't able to finish it. I was able to buy it at blockbuster.
9. The Wackness - Read great reviews on sale at blockbuster so I bought it.
10. The Lookout - I have no idea what this movie is about, but it was 99 cents because it had no case. It seemed like a great deal to me!

What movies do you own that you haven't seen?

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  1. I just finished watching Away we Go yesterday, just loved it. The Characters were so cute and the story so lovely