04 September 2011

My Weekend

I did my nails on Thursday

I haven't done a my weekend post in forever. So, I thought I would share my weekend.

1. Work
I worked a double shift on Friday - Hosting then Serving. I didn't make a lot of money. People were cheap with their meals and tipping. I also worked a very long shift on Saturday and hardly made any money. But, I'm not going to complain because God is my provider.

2. My Uncle
My uncle is in town for an extended weekend. My family has been laughing a lot and watching movies. We watched True Grit and Sanctem. True Grit was a great movie, Sanctem was alright.

3. Church
I went to 3 services this weekend, Saturday Night Life, Sunday Morning, and a Burmese service Sunday afternoon. It's been a long weekend, but each service was great!

I didn't have much time, but I hope today I get some work done...

1. 30 Lists
2. My 2 guest posts!

It will be great...

What did you do this weekend?

My week:
Thursday: Fall TV Preview
Friday: Where I Work, #30 Lists
Saturday: Smells Good
Sunday: Link Love Sunday

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