20 October 2013

{Day 20} currently

Currently I'm...

Reading: just finished Crazy Love. Great read. I'm reading Radical as a follow up. I'm also making some dents in Pride and Prejudice. Starting tomorrow with the bloom book club I'll be reading A Million Little Ways by Emily Freeman.

Watching: catching up with Hart of Dixie via Netflix. Just watched War Z with my family.

Listening: podcasts!! I'm listening to about 3 consistently and just added two paleo ones. I'll be adding the elevation sermons here shortly. I also downloaded with my free book on audible One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.

Wishing: tomorrow was still the weekend!

Thinking: I get to have sugar this week!

Praying: my witness and Cambodia 

Sipping: kombucha and java

Eating: Whole 30 Diet

Loving: My trial glasses 

What are you CURRENTLY doing?

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