10 October 2013

{Day 10} Discovery in Contentment and Simplicity

I'm going to keep it simple this fall with tv... I use to be that person, till of late, who had to be about every tv show known to man. But, it's not realistic. That's what summer is for... So I've simplified my list to just a short few...

1. The Vampire Diaries
2. Hart of Dixie
3. Scandal
4. The Biggest Loser
5. Parenthood

If I get to some other ones, that will be great. But revolving my life around tv is not healthy. Also, I have some fall reading to get to! Plus, I added a couple of books via instagram!

I might check out these shows... But, I'm not going to stress!

1. Dracula
2. The Originals
3. Reign

I've started Revenge, but it hasn't been that exciting. The Blacklist looks promising and I enjoyed the first two episodes. Of course SVU is on the list, but that's one I usually watch with my family.

What are you watching this Fall?

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