16 October 2013

{Day 16} Glasses Shopping - The Online Shops

Last year my readers (you) helped me decide on a pair of super cute plastic framed glasses from Warby Parker. This year, I'm planning on getting a few (probably 3-4) pairs. So let's talk about where I'll be searching, what the search process will look like, and some great websites for next to nothing glasses!! I've narrowed it down the top 10 websites in my eyes.


1. Warby Parker - I had a great experience with them last year. Did the home try ons and even visited their offices in SOHO (I ended up choosing the same pair both times - sorry they are no longer on the sight).  I'm actually wearing the glasses as I type this post out. They have many new pairs, and I will be trying out the 5 Home Try On's like last year. The glasses are not the cheapest one's on the internet, but they are very cheap compared to Lens Crafters and the one's at your local eye doctor. At $95 dollars a pop, and they may be reimbursable by insurance, this is a great deal either way. Also, WP has a buy one give one. For every pair you buy, someone in needs also gets a pair! (Sunglass options too)

2. BonLook - I was sold on WP last year, but I will definitely be giving more attention to BonLook this year. They're always having sales and their glasses are super cute! I'm drooling with anticipation. Since, BonLook doesn't have a home trial system. A pair from here will have to be in the finals to buy a pair. (Sunglass options too)

3. Coastal - 1st pair for free?? This will of course be more than a contender, but a winner! There's over 304 in women's to choose from. We will talk about one's I like at a different time. You can also get contacts on here. Contacts are expensive, this helps (hopefully they will have my brand and script)! (Sunglass options too)

4. Tortoise and Blonde - Their motto is "We sit on your face." That's a comfort because most of mine slide down! They also have a try 5 pair! Will be utilizing them! They start at almost the same price as WP! I'm also digging the glasses. Woot woot. I like them a lot.

5. Classic Specs - This website is visually appealing. 89 for the whole she-bang and they even offer six try-on pairs! Wow, what is this? Christmas? Again, I will definitely try them on and at least give the frames a good review! The frames themselves are so adorable. I could see myself in a couple of these! (Gah, this eye glass shopping is no joke!)

6. Eyefly - With home try-on's coming soon, I sure hope they can compete with all the other greats here! I mean everyone I've mentioned has a virtual try on, but for me that's not really enough. But the frames did keep me interested enough to at least consider this site. It's the colors that did it for me! Oh my. May be in LOVE! The price 94, so it's comparable to my tried and trues!

7. Lookmatic - Similar to all the rest of the sites, but still a potential. How do they stand out?? Free Shipping and Free returns (although eyefly had that too)! The other selling point is most of the frames can be sunglasses as well! (I'm looking to getting at least one pair of script sunnies!) Gonna need plenty of shade in the Phoenix area!

8. Rowley Eyewear - As in Cynthia Rowley, as in one of my favorite designers. $129, not the cheapest, but definitely some of the cutest! Wow, shopping for glasses isn't going to be easy!! And it looks like you can try on 4 pairs for seven days! That's 4 days longer than WP!

9. Sneaking Duck - an Australian company that ships for free worldwide? Sign me up. With the pairs coming up to be around 167.33 for the first pair and 83.66 us dollars. I can live with that. The first pair can be a bit pricey, but it covers the cost of shipping. They have the 5 try at home pairs. But, right now it's only offered in Australia, which is a bummer, because these are some of the cutest frames of the lot. Have no fear, they still may be coming here (wow that was bad)!

10. Mezzmer - Kind of a less expensive copy cat of Warby Parker. Instead of giving a pair, they donate money to charity. I'd like to see where that money is going. Frames are cute, but nothing original or friendly about site! Will have to dig a bit deeper.


11. Eye Buy Direct - Wow, the prices are super low. Can they do that? I wonder how cheap (material wise) they are? Starting at 6.95 with %15 off your first order. You can't beat that. Some of the frames I like are closer to $50 then $10, but wow. I will be keeping my eye on them!!

12. Frames Direct - This is where I can get my designer name brands for less. Plus, there's a no risk guarantee.

13. Zenni Optical - $30 an under. This is another great site! I will have to browse to see if something catches my eye!

14. Glasses USA - This has an affiliate program. So, I'm not going to rule them out, but they are no way on the top of my list.

15.  Rivet and Sway - These are the priciest compared to WP and the like. But, may have potential. They have a 3 for 3 deal. Try any 3 for 3 days.

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