20 October 2013

{Day 18} high five for Friday

I had a post in my mind for yesterday, but yesterday was a blur so I thought I'd share it this morning!!

I actually had a lot to choose from this week! I'm getting better at documenting. 

1. Started Crazy Love for the third time! I only have two chapters to go. It's been a really good and convicting read!

2. Incourage's Bloom book arrived this week! I'm reading along starting monday! I've seen this book everywhere, can't wait to get started! 

3. My friend who runs the Amish hipster blog sent me some free stickers! Need to find a permanent home!

4. Dusted off the ole guitar! So good to be practicing again!

5. I need more cold brewed coffee in my life! I added coconut milk and it was so good! Can't wait to add a sweet element starting next week!

I'm linking up with laurenelzabeth.com!

What did you do this week?

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