03 April 2013

The Fear of Skinny White Jeans

I don't have many fears. Ok, that's a lie, there are a few things I fear. As a child I was afraid of Michael Jackson (thanks to the Thriller video) and ET (I swear he was going to touch me with that creepy finger).

Enough about 80s pop culture. My biggest fear these days is wearing white. I love wearing white. It looks so clean and crisp, even when it may be a bit wrinkled. But, I don't have good luck with white. My shirts get dingy, my pants always end up having a pen mark or worse a random stain that you have no idea where it came from.

I bought a pair of white skinny ankle jeans. I love them, they are cute, comfy, and most important - stretchy! But, there are some big down factors into wearing these adorable pants.

  1. I become paranoid when I wear them. I mean completely paranoid. One of the first times wearing them it was snowing and I accidentally splashed muddy water onto them while walking to my car. I wasn't devastated, but I was worried that it wouldn't come out. It came out by the way!
  2. I become paranoid that maybe I don't look good in skinny white jeans! As a girl who is not a size 4 or smaller, I want to wear the current styles, but I don't want to look like I'm trying to hard, but the moment I put these jeans on, I knew they were going into my closet!
  3. I become paranoid that I'm wearing it with the wrong shirt and shoes. Pairing white jeans is very important! I usually wear a denim shirt and a pair of flats or Toms. I can also dress them up and get away with wearing them at church.
I'm wearing these white jeans today... I hope I don't ruin them!
Do you wear white jeans? Do you like them? What is your biggest clothing fear?

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