02 April 2013

Having the "Perfect" Quiet Time

Quiet Times are so important inmy life. I can always tell if I haven't had a quiet time that day, my attitudeis all over the place and I have nothing to bring to the day.

Jesus is the reason we should bejumping out of bed! He should be the first thing we think about in the morning,the last thing when we lay our heads on our pillows, and should fill in all themoments in between.

Now, everyone does their quiettimes, devotions, or bible studies differently, and they are called differentnames. But essentially it's our time spent alone with God.

I'm no expert, but for the past 5months, I've had a consistent quiet time. It may have changed as the monthsprogressed but the outcome was still the same. Being in His presence.

You don't need a lot of tools,but here are some of the things I use for quiet time:

  1. laptop, tablet, or phone – Iuse youversion.com for my Bible. You can go right to the website on your computer or use an app for any apple or android device. It has every translation you will ever want orneed. If you don't use a computer or electronic device,get a Bible you like. If you are wanting an in-depth study of the Word, Isuggest a Study Bible. The Life Application Study Bible in the NLT version is great!On my wish list is the New Spirit Filled Life Application Bible.
  2. translation you arecomfortable with – Honestly the NKJV and NIV are my least, but everyone needs tofind the one that works for them. I use ESV, NASB, and NLT.
  3. notebook/journal – When I wasoverseas, I used my cellphone to document my quiet times. But, I prefer to use a notebook. One of my favorite brands is Christian Art Gifts,they have inexpensive leather journals with verses at the bottom. I love them,they come in all sizes, colors, and covers. There you can write your prayersand praises, what you’ve read, and your reactions. I also use the same journal for mypersonal musings – then I can see my spiritual growth.
  4. pen or pencil – I lovepencils. I make a lot of mistakes when I write, so it’s nice to erase and startover,
  5. devotion book or plan – JesusCalling is a great devotional book and it gives you verses to go along with thedevotion. It is also an app for apple and android. I use that book from time to time. My favorite are the plans onyouversion.com. I follow the #shereadstruth plans. It goes along with the She Reads Website. This website is a wonderful community of women encouraging one another to spend time with God.
  6. favorite worship music – tired of your music? Usespotify to find new albums or use their radio feature. Pandora is also a good choice.

Whether you have 15 minutes or anhour. Sit down first in prayer, praising God and inviting the Holy Spirit intoyour time. Then sit down and read the devo/word. Write down anything that stoodout, a verse, a quote from the devotion, something God is pressing upon your heart. Sit and meditate on that before movingon. Listen for God’s Voice. I love to end with a worship song lifting my voicein praise to God.

I am also reading through thebible as if I’m reading a novel. I’m not studying per se, but reading it forpleasure.

Now, my quiet time and biblestudy are two different things. My quiet times are solely for me to be withGod. Whereas my Bible study is where I learn and study the Word. For my Bible Study, I am reading through the entire Bible. My Bible reading is at a muchfaster pace than my Bible Study.

Now if your head is spinning, don’tlet it spin. This is just how I have my quiet time. And sometimes I walk awaywith it in wonder and awe. Other times I walk away with “where were You, God?” There are times where I spend a couple of minutes on my phone or an hour pouring over my journal. But I always learn and am continually growing to His likeness.

How do you do your quiet time? 

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