01 April 2013

Looking Forward in April

Happy Monday!

I love Mondays and the first of the months, especially when they coincide!

God is so good. My Easter Sunday was very nice and restful. Had a wonderful church service and a trip up to Omaha for lunch at PF Changs. Then a quick trip to Whole Foods for gelato!

From my devotions or quiet time this morning!
My sister and I took a lazy afternoon watching Anne of Green Gables! I love that movie so much. Megan Follows is such a great actress!

I have a lot planned for April. A lot of personal goals which I will share and some great topics on this blog! I will be talking about some of the causes I support, a recap on my two weeks with only water, what God is and has been doing in my life, and much more!

Tomorrow, I will be sharing about having the perfect quiet time. Jesus is so awesome and the more time I spend in His Word and pouring out my heart to Him, the more He pours into my own heart! I will share some great tools and what I do during my quiet time.

This week I will also share on why I don't wear white pants and why I finally bought a pair! I will be sharing some thoughts on a book I'm currently reading "Beautiful Battlefields" by the beautiful Bo Stern. To end this week, I will be writing on the art of letter writing.

What did you do for Easter? I would love to hear, also add a link to your blog, so I can visit!

Also, I blog on my tumblr too! seeking-jesus.tumblr.com - This is my daily blog on my devotions and what God is speaking to me that day and at ren-was-here.tumblr.com - I just share what's going on daily in my life! Check them both out!
I also have instagram @lmwilliams2009 and twitter @ren_was_here

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