05 April 2013

The Art of Letter Writing

Before I came back to the states, I was feeling a tug. Just a small one at first. A tug to stay connected to the friends I had just made. A tug to re-kindle friendships long lost forgotten. And the tug to keep up with my friends where I live.

But how? When social media is becoming more and more about "self" and less and less about being social. When sending a text doesn't quite cut it. When the person never answers on the other end. What do you do?

As a child my favorite part of my day was getting mail. I would sometimes look out the window and wait for the postman (or woman) to deliver the mail. I loved perusing through catalogues, devouring magazines, and reading answered letters. Now all I get are a few credit card offers and occasionally an unwanted catalogue.

I love writing and being written to. So, I have picked up the art again. Because it can be an art. I love writing in cursive and block letters. Decorating the envelopes and tossing them into the mailbox. I tried a few years ago, joining a few pen pal "clubs". And I even made a few friends. But it would simmer after awhile because there was no deeper connection.

Watching Jane Austen films didn't help the bug. They made me itch and long for a pen. Longing to fill blank spaces with musings and soliloquies.

But, I'm determined to keep in touch with my friends. I've been a poor example in not returning notes to even the closest of friends. Sending them notes, letters, and postcards on a whim or planned.

You don't need much to write. Is there someone you know who could use a thoughtful note? Surprise them. Looking for fun stationary? Support someone on Etsy! Or like me, you've found a whole supply of unused cards that you can fill with thoughts and dreams.

I hope this has inspired you!


  1. I have that same phone/address book

    1. I've had that since high school. I've erased names I don't remember. It's funny how much you forget in what seems such a short time!