18 January 2012

Welcome New Readers // Housekeeping

First off, I would like to welcome all my new readers! Welcome, if you've stopped by from Along for the Ride, A is for Ampersand, or Wild Olive, let me know! Or if you've just stumbled on my blog, let me know that too!

So, why did I miss my weigh-in weekly post? I've been so busy. I need to work at setting them up on Sunday nights. I haven't had any time to run! But, I'm not going to let the cold and snow stop me. Tomorrow I will get up and run! No matter what. 

Why have I been so busy?? I've been working on this:
I'm a little bit behind, but I've prepared my material and pattern. I just need to make a muslin! That will happen either tonight or tomorrow after I run!

I'm currently working on that skirt! I have the coolest cotton material! I will share it with you soon and the progress!

And this:
image via google images

Did I mention I'm in a local production of "Little Shop of Horrors?" I'm playing the part of one of the "doowop" girls! I'm so excited! It's a lot of work. I'm currently listening to the soundtrack, so much music to memorize!

Alright, I got to get back to researching! For what? I will let you know soon! Have a fantastic Wednesday. Weekly weigh-in will happen this week as well!


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