12 January 2012

Things I... v.1 (NEW FEATURE)

Hello! Are you enjoying my weekly weigh-in posts? My mom told me last week: "You're going to have to keep up with that, if you've promised your readers." I love my mom! Today she asked me if I posted, I wanted to say, "Go and see!" But instead, I said, "Yes I did." Well, slowly I'm delving back into the blogosphere (apparently that's a real word!), so I will be adding bit by bit as the weeks and months unfold. I have so many awesome ideas and plans, but my biggest goal in life is to find a job and a car... But, that will not let me neglect my blog, I'm even sponsoring two blogs this month! Mollie Johanson over at WildOlive and Amy Morby over at A is for Ampersand.

Now to the main event!!

This new feature is all about things I've discovered, seen, watched, listened too, read,  pined over, create, challenged me, etc.

This Week:

Am Listening Too:
-Fleet Foxes' and Coldplay's new albums! Have you heard them yet? They are fantastic. I just love music.
-To the ringing in my head. According to John Tesh, this means I've suffered hearing loss, and if I don't get it checked out, there could be trouble lurking ahead.

Am Watching:
-He's Just Not That into You with my sister over the weekend. I could watch this movie over and over and over, I think you get the point.
-I'm on the third season of Felicity on Netflix. It's getting a bit repetitive, but I'm hoping season 4 looks up!

Am Reading:
-Matched, I've had this book since before Thanksgiving (I believe I bought it around my birthday), and I'm just now starting to pick it up (again). It's a gripping novel so far. I hope it ends well, or keeps me hanging lol. But, I'm not sure it will match up with "The Hunger Games" (see what I did there, I used the word "match?")

Am Thinking About:
Ashley over at After Nine to Five has a great post on "How To Build Relationships With Other Bloggers." It really got me thinking and it's a great inspiration on making sure you are putting the effort into others blogs as you do your own.
This adventure guide over at srslyliz! What a great way to create a bucket list! I think I may link up this!

Want To Do:
Rhinestones and Telephones is doing a sew-along to the Colette Sewing Handbook. My first goal of the year is to better my sewing skills! I have the sewing machine, and the book! So, let's get started!

Also, Suzie over at Su Sews So-So, is doing a 12 in 2012 when it comes to sewing! I think it's a brilliant idea! I think I will link to it!

Speaking of sewing! Tilly and the Buttons is teaching us how to sew!! I'm so intimidated by sewing and the *whisper* "sewing machine! But, not for long, there are too many resources out there not to be intimidated! Now, it's about the time and the drive! 

Then of course there is the Craftsy Free Block of the Month Club! This is where you learn essentially how to quilt! I've always wanted to quilt, so this is awesome. Even if I can't start right away, I can save this for a future sewing project!
Craftsy Block of the Month

And let's not forget my embroidery endeavors. I let that fall by the wayside. I just need to spend less time surfing the net, and more time crafting, with Netflix or Hulu on in the background of course!
Feeling Stitchy always has a monthly stitch-a-long that I'm usually too intimidated to work on a embroidery project, but I need to just not live in fear, in everything I do!
Of course there is the sew weekly challenges. I'm not ready to sew an item a week, but I think I will try and incorporate my other sewing goals into this! TOO MANY SEWING THINGS!
Things I want to make:

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