21 August 2013

Virtual Coffee Date

I've had posts already planned out. But because of lack of time and quite honestly, lack of motivation, I've been failing in that area. But, that doesn't mean I can't blog every weekday! I'm linking up with Carly Skinner, over at Carlyskinner.com.

If you were to come over for coffee, I'd honestly be relieved to see someone I don't live or work with. I'd probably spill all the treasures Jesus has shared with me that week.

If you were to come over for coffee, we might have to sit in the blazing heat because the apartment, at times, gets mighty chilly!

If you were to come over for coffee, I'd mention how I completely under packed and even made a few shopping runs to Target for some business casual attire. I would also pull out said clothes and see what you thought.

I'd also tell you I still have no heels and will have to shell out some money for those.

I'd let you know that I'm already tired and it's only Wednesday. 

I'd let you know I'm planning a trip to Los Angeles in a few weeks to see a dear friend, and that I need to set money aside for that weekend! 

I'd share where I was failing: healthy eating, returning texts, not exercising. And where I was succeeding: blogging, eating breakfast, getting up early.

If you were to come over for coffee, it would have to be decaf after 4pm!

Wow, we would have a great time! If we were having coffee, what would you share? 


  1. This is what I would share:

    I would rejoice with you over your treasures and I would encourage you as much as possible. I would tell you what Jesus has taught me that week and we could fellowship over shared experiences.

    I wouldn't mind the heat. I get cold easy and as long as you have ice and running water - I'm golden.

    I would expect a fashion show to see how the new outfits looked on you. (That is what a group of knitters I used to knit with would do.) Then we could look through jewelry to find something that goes well with them.

    Then we'd go online and search for deals on heels :)

    I'd agree that I too was tired and it's only Wednesday. Then I'd make some more coffee.

    I'd tell you about this great app that encourages you to save money for trips and helps your plan and organize everything. It's called "My Trip" and I think it is worth the money spent on the app.

    I would share my failings too. We could share scriptures that help us in times of need and share what the scriptures mean to us.

    I like decaf any time of the day.

  2. This is hilarious, and also great advice. I realized the other day that I struggle a little when it comes to "first dates", and that I don't act as confident as I usually do. I am a lot better when it comes to instant dates and that sort of quick direct stuff, especially at night. Perfect timing guys. Now I just need to go practice sometime soon.