13 August 2013

Is this mic on?

Can we just talk for a minute?

Life couldn't be more real then it is right now. Except that time I went to Cambodia. But yeah that's about it.

I am a person of ideas. I have so many, I'm surprised my brain hasn't exploded! 

I'm the idea maker. Of all my ideas I execute maybe 25% of those. And only follow through on 5%. I haven't put too much time in figuring out all the figures, but I think you know what I mean.

I don't have to go very far to find all the big ideas. Every blog series on here has failed, I barely read and my list was extensive this summer, my crocheting is minimal (I've been working on the same project for over a year), and any 30 day project I've joined loses its fizzle around day 7. That being said, I'm not giving up. I love writing, reading, crafting annd joining in on "30 day" projects. I just need a push.

That push came. I need to get serious if I want this blog to become a dot com and be a source of income. I need to carve out time to read and craft. And if I say I'm going to do something via the blog or anywhere else, I'm going to do it.

So many plans for this place and no motivation. I start work on Monday which will leave me less time. I need to get my rear into gear! I can do this, work a 9-5 job while writing a blog with good content and other things! I miss sharing more if my life. I miss the baking and the tutorials. Today, I'm working at Barnes and Noble and hashing out a 6 month plan of where I want to see the blog! I'll also be posting more personal stuff!! 

Huge sigh of relief. 

What do you like about the blog??
Yes I'm cheesy! 

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