24 May 2011

What I Did Today

I had a blast today! I got to spend some much needed time with my friend Angel! She rocks btdubs!

We hung out at cafe indigo/indigo bridge books. I love that place. We ate soup and had bread and talked and read... and snuck out (left our stuff) and went to a local vintage store! I wanted all the old nancy drew books, jadite, and pyrex items there! Too bad I have no spending money!!!

Then, I got to spend some quality time carting my sister around town taking her to her various lessons. We even made a trip to the local library after dinner. 

I read, I cleaned, I listed. I'm in the process of creating a master list of everything under the sun I need to do! It's ridiculous how things creep up on you when you haven't written them down! This master list is going to be massive!

I work tomorrow and Friday at AE and my last Saturday shift at The Parthenon this week! I have a bachelorette party this Friday... We're going to see Bridesmaids. I'm super pumped! I also have a free movie pass... So, it's cheaper on me. Another exciting thing on Friday: PAY DAY!! I hope it's at least 100 bucks between the two places... I'm low on funds and I need to replenish... So I can get an awesome gift for the wedding girl... Yes, I did just say that!

My sister and I went to visit a local "shopping mall" because I wanted to see what The Yarn Shop was all about. Since I'm all about local and I'm wanting to expand my knowledge of knitting and crocheting we took a quick peep. This is an excellent place to start.  Much better selection then any Joann's, Michael's, or even Hobby Lobby. There was also a store called Pages in Time, it was an amazing Scrapbooking store. I'm not a scrapbooker, but I saw a lot of neat things that would lay nicely in a journal!! But wait, there's more! There was a third store that caught our eye Sew Creative! It was a sewing/vacuum repair store! If I hadn't thought to look, that Sutter Place Mall would still be a mystery. We also drove to The Quilted Kitty upon my sister's request, but it was closed. I've been there once with my mother, and we loved it. I'm excited to share it with my sister! I see a lot of those projects milling in my head. I better get busy actually doing them, instead of milling them about.

If the camera phone was working on my phone, we would have had a lot of lovely photos to accompany this post... But that story is for another post!

What did you do today?

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