24 May 2011

Queen of Unfinished Projects

This title holds true for me... And I'm sick of it!
I have unfinished projects all around my room, or saved to my laptop...
So, this summer, I've decided to finish those started projects or to lay them to rest...
This also means my blog. This past winter I had so many awesome ideas that never came into fruition...
I'm ready to commit!! So my features are coming back and maybe some new stuff...

This is the SUMMER OF UNFINISHED PROJECTS! This needed to happen...

Tuesday's Task List:
1) Bathroom 
2) Put away the rest of my clothes
3) Clean out car
4) Light Laundry

This is all before noon 10:30am!! I better get crackin'!

What are you up to??

1 comment:

  1. summer school. Hope you get all your projects done this summer.