13 September 2012

Expectations Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you WHO WHAT and WHY about my upcoming YWAM trip. Which is in 10 days! (Ok, breathe Lauren, just breathe!)

Now onto Where When and How.

WHERE? -- I will be in Monroe, North Carolina for the first three months. Then overseas for the next 2.5 months. YWAM has bases all over the world and I chose YWAM-Charlotte because I had a deep connection with one of the staff members. She called me and checked up on me continually just to chat, see how was I doing, how she could pray for me, etc. That meant a lot. And I knew, that was what I needed. I also love NC. It's one of my favorite states. My grandparents live a few hours away, so for the holidays, I can stay with them.

We (as in the incoming YWAMers) won't find out where we are going until we are in North Carolina. I'm excited about this unknown piece of the puzzle. I mean hello! I have to plan out all my days, and this is just a great way for me to exercise patience, trust, and the knowledge that it will all work out alright!
As soon as I found out where I'm going, I promise I will let you know!

WHEN? -- I will be gone from September 23rd - March 9. My plane back to NE is March 11. I should have stayed longer with the grandparents in NC. I get Thanksgiving and Christmas off, which is awesome, because of fore mentioned relatives. Follow my travels on instagram @lmwilliams2009 and twitter @ ren_was_here.

HOW?? -- This is the question I've been dreading because reality hits and I realize it's only by the grace of God I've come so far.

If you have read earlier posts, it comes down the money. Which has been coming in. Just slower than I thought. I thought the flood gates would open and pour down a blessing of gigantic proportions. But, that's now how it has happened. The Lord reminded me yesterday that it's not about if He provides, but that He will provide. That is so scary for me! Because I realized that my thought process went more like this:

I will believe God will provide if checks keep pouring in. Instead, I believe God will provide (no ifs).

I can't expect "snapping of fingers" and "poof" the money magically will appear. But, with that being said, my God will provide.

Ok, I really have ignored the HOW!

Because I am willing, and HE will provide.

Want to see an old blog I didn't even know I had until a few minutes ago? The URL is renwashere.blogspot.com. I always wondered who had taken it!!?? I didn't even remember setting this up. I wonder if I have an email address with that name? Hmm... :)

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  1. It is so difficult to trust when it seems it's not happening as fast as we would like, but you are right. He will provide. :)