04 September 2012


This is crazy talk people. My little spot has generated 12000 views since it's birth in 2006? For a person who doesn't do a lot of advertising, this is huge!

Today has been one of those crappy days. Very crappy days. Like everything goes wrong crappy days.

#1 - Forgot to set my alarm due to yesterday being Labor Day // Had to get ready in 15 minutes (no shower for me :()
#2 - Spilled coffee all over my brand new sweater I bought this weekend
#3 - My hair is completely frizzed out
#4 - I forgot my wallet at home (my mom came out twice to work to help me out)
#5 - JJ charged me way too much for my food

I know most of these are superficial things. Maybe that's why I'm not sitting on the floor having a good cry. Maybe that's why instead of defeat I feel victorious! Life is awesome. I prayed for joy. And I have it! Thank you Lord for answering a prayer that seemed minuscule and selfish.

Short but sweet. Will be updating my list and a progress report on my $$!

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