29 August 2012

Weekly Goals 1

8.27 - 9.2

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1. Finish odds and ends in my bedroom
2. Catch up on Soul Detox and #shereadstruth in proverbs... I'm so behind (You can find both reading plans at youversion.com)
3. Start packing... I've been laying things out, I'm just waiting for my suitcase from leftlanesports.com, I hope it's big enough!
4. Revamp blog... I've already started, what do you think of the new header and background?
5. Keep up water intake... I did really well yesterday, I'm a bit behind today
6. 30 Day Shred : Daily... So far, so good!
7. Jean shopping... not looking forward to it
8. Craft and notebook shopping... to make my notebooks and bracelets
9. Make bracelets.. I've found so many ideas via pinterest
10. Make notebooks from Wild Olive


  1. I love the new look!
    As for jean shopping... I've found that if you actually just stop and ask one of the clerks to help you with your sizing, it's a lot less painful, and you get it over with more quickly. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Lauren I will try!