30 August 2012

Currently #1

Currently, I am... 
Listening: The folk radio station on Spotify. I adore music.
Reading: Paradise Valley by Dale Cramer (It was free on amazon, reading via amazon kindle), it's pretty good so far. It's a compelling amish tale. 
Watching: This Means War. I rented it via amazon. I thought it was cute. Tom Hardy is dreamy, maybe it's just the accent. I also just saw Bourne Legacy. It was good.
Thinking about: the list of things I have to do... and maybe a No SPEND September! Save some $$
Anticipating: YWAM - 24 days! Also, first husker game of the season on Saturday. GO BIG RED! That's me from a few years ago in my one and only Husker shirt
Wishing: My packages I ordered on Friday would get here already!
Making me happy:  The realization that my dream is becoming reality!

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