05 August 2012

It's Official!

I leave for North Carolina in less than two months. I'm going on a six-month adventure if you call it --

I'm just so excited, it's becoming real. I will be headed to YWAM Charlotte in less than 60 days. I haven't raised any money yet, and I'm not fearful, but full of faith! God is sending me, He will provide! I just finished writing my sponsor letter, I need to buy paper to print and envelopes. Then off they will go. I can't believe it. I've been planning this moment for so long, but now it's becoming a reality! Praise God! I am believing in Him to bring in a substantial amount of money! It's crazy! But all things are possible through Christ!

I leave september 23rd. I will stay in Charlotte (Monroe - Suburb of Charlotte) for 3 months of training, then will spend 6 months out on the mission field!

If you have any questions please comment and tell me if you've every been, plan on going on a missions trip, or if you are interested in knowing more about YWAM!

In His Name,


  1. Congratulations Ms. Lauren! can't wait to read more of your adventures in the mission field.