26 April 2012

Random Blurps

I was thinking today how random and odd I was. 

I'm ok with that btdubs!

But, here are just a few weird things about me:

  • I usually get on an elevator and forget to push the button for the correct floor. Once I stood there for a minute trying to figure out what was going on.
  • I have a fear of driving, I mean a big fear. I'm afraid every person is out to get me when I driving.
  • I am forever online window shopping. I like putting things in a shopping cart and then putting them all back.
  • I always have a random song stuck in my head. Anything will trigger a song. 
  • I always paint my nails before I go to bed, which means I always end up smudging them.
  • I have purchased over 50 patterns and have yet to make one piece of clothing. But, I have an incessant need to make my own clothing!
  • I hate eating leftovers if they're over a day old! 
  • I can get away without doing laundry (usually) 3 weeks.
  • I can't stand when people get upset that I haven't seen a certain movie, don't worry, I've survied this long without watching that movie, I think I can survive a few more. But, I probably do that to other people.

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