29 April 2012

News // Wish List

I'm not sure if I've said much about my new job, but I started it right after I got back from NYC. Oh, I haven't talked much about that? I haven't had time to compile all the pictures, but that post will be coming soon. I started my new job a few short weeks ago, and let's just say, I'm making some money! Finally. The light at the end of the tunnel was a search party, they were looking for me, and they found me! God is good!

Well, since starting my new job, I have saved some, payed off a CC, and I've put in a ton of overtime these past two weeks. I'm currently out of town for work, and it's been nice getting some much time to myself. Too bad I couldn't get it at home. But, there's no point in moving out. I am planning on going on a  six month missions trip this fall. Oh, wait, I haven't really talked about that either? Man, I'm behind the times. I'm missing blogging so much, that's why my posts have been so sporadic. I'm ok with that, at least for now! But, with making money gives me the insatiable (I spelled that right the first time!) desire to spend it. So, I've done a little wish list:

1) Beach Body: Brazilian Butt Lift

I watched the infomercial for about a half hour. But, Beach Body is pretty credible. I think that may be a good investment. Any one try it?

2) Omaha Color Run

I have to do this, it's only a 5K and I'll be able to run the whole thing! Woohoo!

3) A New Bike -- I want a cruiser with gears!

4) iPhone 4S (White) 32GB by Sprint (too bad I can't get a new one for another year)

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