24 April 2012

Beauty Blunders

Ok, I don’t ever talk about beauty here. I know I don’t, and there’s a reason. I just don’t ever document
my blunders…

If I’m at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc, I will usually pick up some new beauty product. Lip gloss, nail polish, beauty magazine. My collection of nail polishes has grown over the past two years. Well, I’m awful at painting my own nails. I wasn’t brought up wearing makeup. So, maybe that’s why I’m so enthralled with beauty products. I thought I’d share some of my beauty triumphs and blunders. As the irregular postings happen over here, one thing I can say for sure. I’m always thinking of things to blog about. I blog mainly about my successes and failures, so why not in the beauty department…

What’s on the agenda for today?? Glue on nails… This will be more comical than a review. But it is still technically a review…

I’ve always wanted to try those glue on nails. I’ve heard they aren’t too hard to do, and it’s a lot cheaper than going and getting your nails done. I’m not one for acrylic nails at a nail salon because they are a pain in the behind to take off and my nails are just ruined afterwards.

Here’s how my adventure went:

I’m currently on a work assignment in a different part of the state and I decided a few nights ago to do my nails. And, since I had the time in the evenings, why not try a glue-on nail kit. I don’t know the first thing about glue on nails, but I do know that I spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out which brand was the best for me. First I decided on the shape (short square), then I decided on the brand. I picked KISS because Nailene didn’t have the type I wanted. After choosing my nails, I found two Essie colors I had been keeping my eye on. Go Overboard and Turquoise & Caicos. Since I hadn’t packed any of my nail items, I had to also buy some nail clippers, top coat, nail file, and polish remover. Not the cheapest trip to Wally World, but I was excited.

By the time I got back to my hotel room it was pushing 9pm. I was exhausted. But, I turned on a dvd and pushed through it. I followed all the directions on the nail kit and found nails that went over my real
ones. As I was gluing my first nail, I ran into my first snag. I had accidently glued my fingers together. If you know me you would be laughing (even if you didn’t – I have comical faces), because I’m not freaking out, I’m just trying to figure out how I can pick up the bottle of nail polish remover when I’ve glued fingers from the opposite hands together. It had to have been a comical site. After trial and error (and probably an hour later), the nails are on. Then I realized they don’t look that great with the glue visible, so as tired as I was it’s time to lacquer up. Well, I’m not that dainty when it comes to painting my nails. And, I’m too lazy n to look up all the tips on how to get professional looking nails. I would get one hand done and start the next only to mess up half the other nails. I tried the two colors, but in the end, the darker one prevailed. I tried staying awake as long as I could and passed out – I decided to put on the top coat in the morning. Morning came – Way to early might I add, since I didn’t get to bed till after midnight. All was going well, I was getting ready and about to put the top coat when one of the nails on my thumb popped right off. I tried with many attempts to glue it on, but tried as I may, I couldn’t get any glue to come out. I didn’t have enough time to waste trying to get the glue to function, do I decided to remove all the nails – BIG MISTAKE. That took way too long. And as I’m typing there are still trace amounts of glue on my nail, and polish in those hard to get places.

Will I try it again? I think so, I did a little bit of research and I really need to buy glue that has a tip
applicator instead of a squeeze bottle. I may also try a different brand because KISS’s nails didn’t always fit perfectly. I wish I had taken pictures of the mistakes, but, it was pretty hideous! Tonight? I think I’m just gonna paint my own nails. Maybe I’ll stop by Sally’s –

Have you had any blunders with glue on nails? Tips? I would love to hear from you!

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