02 February 2012

Warby Parker Time 5

Ok, so, I'm super excited to share with you some big news!

Are you ready for it?

Ok, I'll wait!

I'm getting a new pair of glasses. I know, you were thinking I was moving or engaged or something. Neither of those are remotely possible (ok, maybe the enga... moving).

But, I do need your help! I only have a few days to decide which pair of glasses I want!
I'm going through Warby Parker. They have this wonderful home try-on, where you are sent 5 pairs of glasses and then you can decide which pair you would like!

There packing is great as well:

Would you like to see the glasses?? Let's go!

I took these pictures at a local coffee shop/bookstore. So, I'm trying to be inconspicuous!

                                         carlen in amber - 1st pair 

zagg in striped chestnut
wiloughby - tennessee whiskey

reece - whiskey tortoise

winston - old fashioned fade
So, which ones do you like? Vote here:

I will tally up the votes on Sunday, and share how each pair did. Then when I receive the real thing(s), I will let all of you lovely readers know!

So, get to voting!
Here are they are again!

Thanks for stopping by! And thanks Warby Parker for such a great service!

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