05 February 2012

Money Money Money

I hope you enjoyed my post last week about "The Care and Keeping of Friends." If you haven't read it yet, you should definitely check it out!

Well, it's that time of the week to start stressing about everything life is throwing at me. Of course, I'm known to complain about money quite a bit on this blog! But, I had been planning on doing a "spending diet". I'm adapting this from the blog And Then She Saved. I know, I keep saying I'm not going to spend any money, but then I see my bank account dwindling little by little and bills piling up. I wish I could say, I have little to zero debt, but that's not the case. It's not gastronomic, but it's enough to worry a person who's trying to be debt free by July! I'm planning on joining YWAM in September, and I'd prefer to be debt free and have no monies due anywhere!

So, what does this money diet look like? Besides bills, I'm only spending money on food (groceries) and gas. That means I won't be sponsoring any blogs for awhile (I sponsored 2 in January, and three this month). But, with everything I want to accomplish, I'm going to even give that up. That also means, no new running clothes, no new american eagle clothes (gasp), and no frou-frou coffees.

I just suspended my Hulu and Netflix accounts and will be canceling my gym membership as well! Even though it's going to get cold again, I can and will run in the cold. It's free to run outside, not so much for the gym. With taking those three things out, I'm saving: $27. Which can go to my compassion child!

That's the other thing. I have quite a few "money commitments."

My compassion child
My faith pledge at church - this ends in April
Cell Phone and Cell Phone Insurance
Car Insurance

So, I'm giving myself an allowance of $100 a month. That will be used for food and gas. The extra will be put into savings. I can only use my savings for YWAM applications and races. I need these races for the half-marathon I've signed up for.

Can I do it? Can I only spend $100 a month?? Let's see, follow along with me on the journey (and maybe my dad will let me use his hulu and netflix??
Starting February 6! Who's with me??

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