13 February 2012

Monday's Ideal To Do List

I'm starting / have started a tradition of texting friends for last minute plans
I think this month will be bowling on a Saturday night (my only free night this week)!

Hello Wonderful People:

A very run-down Lauren is writing to you!

With working and rehearsals (besides "life") this past weekend, I'm ready for a vacation!

I had a glorious and beautiful list of things I wanted to get accomplished this fine afternoon, but time has already escaped me (catching up on sleep and relaxing).

So, I think I'm going to:

1) Get ready
2) Read my Bible
3) Practice lines, music, and dance for Little Shop
4) Write a few blogs

I really wanted to get some sewing in as well as working out. But, I just need to eat right and drink plenty of orange juice and emergen-c so that I don't get sick. I can add my workout routine when I have a little bit more time on my hands!

By the way, my show opens next week! I'm so excited! What do you have going on today?

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