03 February 2011

I ♥ My Family - 28 Days of Love - Day 3

My Family

 My Dad:
Because he's kind and loving.
I'm so much like my dad.
We're both introverted... 
We love to read...
We love music...
I followed in his footsteps and became a music major as well!

 My Mom:
Because she's always there for me. 
She loves me more than I'll ever know.
I'm also a lot like my mother.
We're both sensitive...
We are learners...
We both love to serve other people...

 My Brother:
We're only 14 months apart! (I'm older)
Because he always knows how to cheer me up.

We can finish each other's sentences. 
We share music and friends.
And we' ve shared the first 17 years of my life together.
He was my first best friend.
 My Sister:
Christmas Day on the Cruise
Because she's my mini-me.
She looks up to me more than anyone else I know.
She always wants to hang out.

And she's just so darn cute!
We're 11 years apart.

Do you see why I  my family???
They're totally awesome!

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