02 February 2011

I ♥ Me - 28 Days of Love - Day 2

I ♥ ME
I didn't always love who I am.
I thought I wasn't pretty enough
Or thin enough
Or smart enough
Or desired enough
Or strong enough
I think you get the picture
But, now, I can say that I love myself. 
When I gained that love for myself, I started to change as a person!
I had joy all the time. 
People wanted to be around me!
I lost 20 lbs without trying.
And I didn't feel like I had to live up to anyone's expectations.
That picture was taken when I was a bit heavier, but I'm ok with sharing it because I'm not defined by what I look like, but by the shape of my character.
I've never been one to clog my blog (teehee) with pictures of myself, but that's just an insecurity)

So, I thought I'd share just a few more with you!
I'm not a poser, I just like to pose.
I think I was the cutest kid ever...

That's me and my best friend Carrie (who is in the Peace Corps in Azerbijan)

I am rarely serious in pictures... It's just not in my nature...
And here's one more for good measure!
I miss those sunglasses!
PS. That's a scar... I've had 2 open heart surgeries!

Clarification: I love myself, because Jesus loves me!


  1. Thanks for sharing yourself, Lauren! Great pics, too! Please take this for sincere truth --- I've always seen you as very beautiful, inside and out! And I admire your fashion sense, as we were talking about last Saturday night =)

    PS what were the 2 open heart surgeries for exactly? I'm sorry i haven't asked before now...

  2. Thanks Heather for such a wonderful comment. The first of my two heart surgeries was when I was 3, I had a hole in my heart that was patched up. The second one was when I was 9, my mitrovalve was leaking.
    Thanks also to Overthinking Mama! These comments made my day!