10 April 2013

Goals for the Next 6 Months Part 1

I have many goals or as I'm calling them "mountains” to climb. I like this analogy, because if I want to accomplish my goals, I'm going to have to climb to the top of the mountain. So many times, I just chill in the middle of the mountain, not even trying to climb but stupidly staying in the same place.

This happens in all facets of our lives, spiritually, physically, mentally, etc.

A few weeks back, I wrote in my journal (which has been missing my pencil these last few days - post about why we lose our routine to come later) talking about some goals or "mountains" I'd like to climb. I will go into more detail throughout the weeks, highlighting different ones each week. But it's always nice to share and have some accountability.

 I didn't want to share them until I had started living them out, I wanted to already be on the mountain and not just staring at it.

Without further ado, here are the mountains I must climb if I ever want to see the other side.

Mountain #1 - Current Weight
  1. I've struggled with this one for as long as I can remember. I've also been to this mountain, tried to climb, failed, walked away, and pretended I never experienced the whole fall.
    1. Now, I know what you're saying, Lauren, "weight isn't important," "love the way you are," "we don't look at you differently." Thankfully I'm not obese, nor does my weight show as much as it should. But, I am at an uncomfortable weight. I'm overweight and I know it. Let me address those three statements I just made:
                                                     i.     "weight isn't important" – false, weight is important. Size is what's not important. Size should never make you feel inferior, bad, or big. But, your weight tells you how healthy you are. But, weight isn't the real issue, it’s your BMI! Get it checked to see where you are. Being in the obese and overweight category is bad for your health and leads to so many complications.
                                                      ii.     "love the way you are" – I do love the way I am. But I want to love the “way I am” twenty years from now!
                                                        iii.     “we don’t see you differently” – Whenever someone says that to me, I laugh because, honestly I don’t care what others think. I live under the standards of a Higher Being. Which leads me to my second statement.
    1. God has told us our bodies are a temple.
      Which means I can’t be treating it like a dump. I haven’t always treated my body well, inside or out, I’m a steward, and that means being responsible.
    2. God specifically has told me to get into gear. I’ve been called to the nations, so I should be able to function in all of them. Because I started getting into gear before I left for Cambodia, it was easier to walk long distances, but not all terrains are created equal.
    2. Goal – Lose x amount of weight by SEPTEMBER.

Mountain #2: My blog – Ren Was Here
  1. This has been another frequent topic of discussion on my blog. I go in spurts of writing. Consistently one week, then I’m MIA for the rest of the month.
    1. This is getting easier. I have over a month’s worth of material to work with. I actually have filled out my calendar. It’s exciting. I really want to get this blog off the ground.
    2. I love writing, and one day I will write a book. Until then, I can share what’s on my mind on this blog. I’ve come to the point that I’m writing whether people read it or not. I use to be in it to “win it.” Gather as many followers as fast as possible. But, that’s not what this blog is about. It’s about my relationship with Jesus. I’m not ashamed of my faith and I want the world to know! So I can encourage others and be open and honest!
  2. Goal – Blog consistently.

Check out tomorrow for more mountains!

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