13 April 2013

Beautiful Battlefields a Book Review

Book: Beautiful Battlefields
Author: Bo Stern
Rating: ★★★★★

This book was captivating. It talks about the battles we face and how to live through them. Bo Stern, a woman that has had her fair share of battles, didn't know she would be fighting for her families life, when her husband was diagnosed with ALS. Bo may have bruises and wounds, but she is not defeated! "This battle is not destroying us. In fact, in the midst of this trauma and turmoil, God's power to use every bad thing for our good is making us more beautiful than we have ever been."

Bo walks through practical ways to fight. Her faith carries her through the war that is raging on against her family, and she is learning to trust God even when all seems impossible. She is not afraid of sharing her blunders and doubts, her failures and heart issues. But she is always pointing back to her Savior. The One who holds all in His hands.

Her story is real, so there is credibility. She shares stories of countless others who have gone through battles. What makes her story so unique is her writing style. I felt like I was sitting in a coffee shop the entire time chatting it up with an old friend who had sound and biblical advice!

If you're going through a battle or not, you should read it. Since I have a personal connection with Bo (pastor's sister in-law), it may seem that I am biased. And I may be. But, now I can share her story with those that may need to hear it!

Bo also blogs! She shares up to date about her husband, ALS, being a grandmother and mother, and so much more!

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