18 August 2010

What I Want Wednesday: Craft Room Edition

Hi Everybody! Kam here from Campfire Chic. Lauren asked me to be a guest blogger and I’m really excited she let me do one of her What I Want Wednesday features! It’s the middle of the week, and I don’t know about you, but I’m in the need of a little motivation/inspiration to get me to the weekend!

I want to focus on craft spaces today! I love looking at images of creative spaces and imagining what I would do in my own room. So, today I’m bringing you five things I found on Etsy that I would love to have in my space in the future.

    •    Keep Calm and Craft On
    •    Overdue Book Calendar
    •    Vintage Fan
    •    Braided Rug
    •    Bunting

Thanks, Lauren, for letting me take over for the day :)

<3 Kam

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