05 August 2010

Sorry about Being MIA Part 1

Life has been super busy and stressful these past couple of weeks.
I've let my blog, journaling, crafting, sewing, and baking go by the wayside.
But, that is all about to change because life is moving in a a completely different direction.

I haven't forgotten about the things I love or have I abandoned them. I've even been writing down some awesome posts and directions I want to go with this blog!

This isn't just an update, but also an unveiling of my blog and the direction it is going!

Introduction #1:
Daily Posts!!
I will have a theme for each week day that I will post, plus also fun little posts here and there!

Makeup Mondays
These will consist of me giving tips, showing products, and helping me promote mark. makeup.
Plus, sweet makeup giveaways!!

Tutorial Tuesdays
These posts will consist of me giving a tutorial of some sort, or having a guest blogger! Cooking, crafting, sewing, how-to's on life, and everything in between!

What I Want Wednesdays
This is self-explanatory. I will let you know what I'm wanting. Kind of like Wishful Wednesdays.

Thursday's Thoughts
I'm hoping these posts will turn into some things to ponder over the week. Whether it's the current slavery in America or the current obsession with Lindsay Lohan. 

Follow Fridays
Along with twitter, I will highlight blogs and etsy shops that I'm enjoying and suggest people you should be following. And giveaways from these peeps! (my treat of course)

What do you think? Do you have any ideas? Any other themes? Want to be a guest blogger?

Part 2 to come!


  1. Very cool! I'm excited to see where this goes :)

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Such structure. Anyways, I'm following. Come check me out?

    Alyse Tea Rose

  3. Hey! Thanks for 'introducing' yourself :)!
    I am excited for the HTML class since I have had the same blog layout for years!
    Sarah M