08 August 2010

Sorry about Being MIA Part 2/Blog Giveaway Winner

For part 1 click here

I've received some super sweet things in the mail over the past week!
My mark. products I've ordered!

Hello Owl stickers from hellocupcake's etsy shop!

Sent one to new pen pal, here's the cute card she sent me!

I bought these cute little cards on clearance from Red Velvet Art!

And also received this post card from a post crosser!
She's from Germany!

I also received a letter from my Happy Mail partner. I need to send her a letter as well
That's all for now, but you'll get updates like this besides the features!
That and updates on the different things I am involved with:

Here is the winner of the giveaway!
 My little sister helped me pick out the winner from the entries in a hat!!
Congrats campfire chic!
She won the earrings!

This Weeks To Do List:
1) Straighten and clean room
2) Journal - Catch up!!!! So far behind
3) Finish my letters:
-secret pal
-Happy Mail
-Blogger Birthday
4) Create a budget
5) Laundry
6) Read 1/5 of the book for supersecretliterature
7) Work on Tuesday's tutorial
8) Write out September Goals
9) Plan this weeks blogs
10) Return bike :(
11) Plan this week's schedule
12) Work on business plan for mark.
13) Plan next weeks blog
14) Plan next week's schedule

Adios Amigos! Going to clean up and read!
Oh, and giveaway tomorrow!

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  1. Very cool!!

    Excited :)

    My boyfriend just signed up for Postcrossing and my cousin has been doing it for about two years, maybe they'll get you one day ;)