09 August 2010

Makeup Mondays: The Lipclick (Giveaway Closed)

Hey y'all!
Sorry, I've been watching Friday Night Lights (the television show) all weekend!

Well, it's time to start the new launching of my blog. 
I'm not exactly sure what it will turn into, but, I'm excited. 
Recently, I read some harsh words by a few bloggers who I liked, but, they seemed so judgmental because bloggers were a certain way, but, they complained that there wasn't enough originality.

Ok, negativity gone, positivity here!

It's time for Makeup Mondays!
Featuring: The LIPCLICK

What is the LIPCLICK?
Full Color Lipstick
It comes in 8 Shades:

Baby Luv

Bare Hug

Cha Cha

Coral Fixation



Sweetie Pie


Full, even coverage lipstick with lightweight feel
Innovative magnetic metal case "clicks" shut every time
Infused with vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps protect against environment pollutants
Provides luminous shine
Leaves lips looking smooth and feeling soft and moisturized
Doesn't bleed or transfer to teeth
and one of my favorite feature Cooly minty flavor

I'm giving away the "coral fixation" lipclick valued at $10!
This isn't even available until the 13th of August.
So, if you would like to win this very nice lipstick all you have to do for each entry
1) Be my follower and comment
2) Make a purchase on my mark. site and leave a comment
use this promotion code "WELCOME" to get free shipping! No minimum purchase necessary.
3) Follow me on twitter and leave a comment
4) Tweet about it and leave me a comment

You have until August 11th, Wednesday!

Thanks everyone!
Next week - awesome eyeliner!
Also, get ready for some whoopie tomorrow... PIE!

P.S. If you have any questions about mark. makeup, or if you would like to request a magalogue or if you would like to be on my mailing list email me at lmwilliams2009(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. Hi there! Congrats on starting your new blog :-)That lipstick looks awesome! I was wondering if you could do a lip/skin swatch? It looks red in your vid, so I had assumed it was Cha Cha...I want to purchase, but now I'm unsure of which one to get...but I prefer pinky reds, mostly because I'm too chicken to rock full on red,haha! Cha Cha looks so tempting though...maybe I could sheer it out a bit....lol.Thank you!

  2. I'd love to be in the running for lipstick! Fantastic idea, Lauren! I hear Mark makeup is great stuff too :)

  3. Cha Cha is definitely a subtler red! I can send you a sample if you would like, just let me know!

  4. A subtler red? As in, not too scary,lol? Ok then, I guess I'll take the plunge,lol.Thanks for the offer, but I think I can get a sample from a friend :-)

    Best wishes!