17 November 2009

Top Ten Tuesdays

As promised, here is my daily blog.
TOP TEN Things I'm Excited For This Week:
1) Glee Episode (Wednesday Nights on FOX) - As a singer, this show for me is the cherry on top.
2) Star Trek -  This dvd came out today. If I wasn't on a budget, I would totally go out and buy it. But, I decided to pay some bills and get a concert ticket. This movie will have to wait. But, I can't wait to own it.
3) John Mayer's New CD - I haven't heard it yet, but I am excited to preview it. I don't listen to much pop music, but I am excited to see what this musical genius has created.
4) Wednesday Night Church - I absolutely love getting together with my church family and this intimate setting is no exception.
5) Service Friday! - I call Fridays my service day because I do my volunteering on those days. I am a mentor at a local middle school and I hand out backpacks of food to an elementary school.
6) Getting back into a workout routine - It has been so hard trying to workout after my hiatus, but I am doing the NWU Fitness Challenge, so I am going to get my 20 hrs before DEC 11. 19.5 hrs to go!
7) Starting my sewing project - I got a sewing machine last week for my birthday and have a huge sewing project to tackle. I'm nervous, but super excited to get started.
8) Knitting - I finished my first scarf of the year this weekend and am working on my second one. They will make perfect gifts and they are inexpensive and practical.
9) Diversity Festival -  There is a Diversity Festival this weekend at Wesleyan. I am super excited to be part of the workships and enjoy the culture.
10) Snow - It hasn't snowed in Lincoln yet!!
9 Days Until Thanksgiving, 38 Days Until Christmas, 44 Days Until the New Year

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